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The UItraman VR film officially launched in the Mi VR store, in partnership with FXG.




I believe that there’s a version of Ultraman fighting off monsters in the minds of children who grew up in the 80s, 90s and even the 2000s.


Imagine what it would be like to experience the moment when the most powerful UItraman Zero met Eleking in VR?


Recently, the UItraman VR film "UItraman Zero VR: The Trembling of Metropolis" officially launched in the Mi VR store, in partnership with FXG. This is great news for Ultraman fans in China!


The film tells the story of what happened in a metropolitan area in Tokyo... The office building starts trembling while a meeting is in progress, and then a monster, Eleking appears suddenly. While the people in panic are escaping from the emergency exits, they come across a fierce battle between Eleking and UItraman Zero.

VR版 《赛罗奥特曼》首次采用了全CG的电脑制作技术,将战斗过程中细节还原的更加真实、细腻。而观众们也将会以第一人称的视角亲身体验被激烈的打斗支配的恐惧。

The "UItraman Zero" VR film entirely adopts CG computer production technology for the first time, making the restoration of the combat details more real and exquisite. The audience will experience the fear and intensity of brutal fighting from the view of the first-person.


According to reports from Japanese media, more than 80% of the first people invited to test the experience support the adaptations of the UItraman VR videos and games. In the future, we are likely to experience a complete UItraman VR film.


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