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为期10天的白伟“涌出”展于6月11日圆满落幕了。 “涌出”展览是以阴阳双尾和八卦为背景,所以大部分都是系列作品,八件一套。结合FXG的VR视频,Nikk为白伟的一件作品设计了互动增强现实功能。看起来只是一幅画作,但打开AR的时候,伴随着音乐家路易大师的创意声效,会发现画作背后八个不同的FXG VR视频。

Baiwei's 10-day exhibition "EXODUS" ended on June 11. Baiwei’s paintings were grouped in eights because of the yinyang Double Tail and 8 trigrams that were the backgrounds of the EXODUS exhibition. Nikk created an AR piece for one of Baiwei’s paintings. It was one painting with 8 separate videos inside of it. With the use of interactive AR technology together with FXG VR videos and creative sounds by master musician Lucian Pixley, people were able to watch these magical videos hidden in the painting.


When using AR, the painting turns into a window that takes you to another world. When you interactively break down the painting, you can look into another dimension or reality. Every time you look away or look back, you’ll break through into a new reality. They were 8 in total, matching the theme of the exhibition.


FXG is an explorer of uncharted territories, a leader in new things, a company with knowledge on how to reach the unknown while using art and creativity as their keys into the future. At FXG, we have successfully combined our VR videos with AR technology and will continue to take drastic steps forward in VR cross-border fields.

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