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西顾 “国事” | 杭州、北京、大连,这个夏天一路向北!

FXG News! July and August


Good day FXG fans!! We have some very special news coming to you today! We have been super busy visiting many places this summer. Check it out…




Nikk was invited to attend the China-US Cross-border Innovative Enterprises Forum on July 20th in Hangzhou.

Overseas and Chinese entrepreneurial companies such as You Zan and Meitu engaged in an international dialogue to explore and promote the integrative, cross-border ecosystem of China-US innovative enterprises.



In June, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission organized an activity called, “Learning Handicrafts in Hangzhou”. It recruited 16 international apprentices from 10 countries including the United States and Russia. On August 13th, two of the students visited FXG to learn about our VR camera and to experience some of our VR films!


8月17日,Nikk受邀参加VeeR 2018年创作者大会,和国内外一流VR工作室创作大咖们集聚一堂。在圆桌会议上,与Lumiere VR创始人郭沁雅、CreatorUp联合创始人Hugh Hou以及Polyhedron VR Studio创意总监Gianluigi Perrone一起,共同探讨VR内容现状和未来发展趋势,关于Nikk演讲的精彩内容我们将之后奉上,敬请期待。

Nikk was invited to attend the VeeR 2018 Creator Conference on August 17th in Beijing. At the round table discussion, the top VR studios both in China and overseas discussed the present and future developments of VR content, including the founder of Lumiere VR, Jennie Guo, the co-founder of CreatorUp, Hugh Hou, and the Creative Director of Polyhedron VR Studio, Gianluigi Perrone. We will release a more detailed report of the conversation soon, so stay tuned!



Upon invitation by the Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission and Dream Town, FXG attended China’s 2018 International Patent Technology and Products Fair from August 24th to the 26th in Dalian, Liaoning.

At the exhibition, our patented ET-2 optical VR camera was very popular, and attracted lots of attention and recognition. The audience experienced the world's leading photographic technology and VR video.


爆热的七月、八月,杭州、北京、大连……记录了西顾人的汗水。金秋的西顾,会有什么新鲜“国事”呢?听说我们要去路演啦,还要去南方参加VR大会…… 对吼,有个好玩儿的事儿,淘宝造物节马上开造啦~ 咳咳,小编已经拿到一些奖品,期待各位来瓜分吼~

We have bustled around Hangzhou, Beijing, and Dalian during this very hot summer. What will we get up to during this coming fall? I heard that we are going to attend several road shows, and then some VR conferences later on! The Taobao Maker Festival is coming up quickly, so stay tuned for updates! We have some very exciting giveaways coming in the near future, so pay attention, and GOOD LUCK!

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