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A Musical Rendez-vous with Master Pianist, Kong Xiangdong

我是Nikk。今年6月底,FXG VR作为指定合作伙伴,受邀出席了GVRC全球虚拟·现实大会,在大会上,著名钢琴演奏家孔祥东做了开幕式表演。

FXG VR was invited to be a designated partner for the Global Virtual Reality Conference at the end of June. The famous pianist, Kong Xiangdong made an opening performance at the conference.


During one of Nick’s interviews, Mr. Kong helped act as an interpreter for some of the more difficult words, and they subsequently became good friends!

孔祥东,当今国际乐坛最优秀、最活跃的中国钢琴家之一,国际互动创意者、公益慈善环保热衷者、孔祥东音乐机构创办者。已有40多个国家和地区的观众亲身感受过他那激情洋溢的演奏,他被西方媒体盛赞为“一个世纪只能出一到两个,真正能激动人心的天才钢琴家”和“一代天之骄子”,曾与意大利作曲家乔治奥·莫洛德尔创作2008奥运歌曲《Forever Friends》。

Kong Xiangdong is one of the best and most active Chinese pianists in the international realm. He is also an international, interactive creator, and is enthusiastic about public charity and environmental protection. Visitors from more than 40 countries and regions have personally experienced his passionate performances. He has been praised by Western media outlets as being “one of the most exciting and ingenious pianists of this century”. He worked with the Italian composer, George O. Moroder to create the 2008 Olympics’ song, "Forever Friends".


This month, Nikk went to Shanghai again, and was fortunate enough to hear some of his impromptu works.


How do you feel about this piece of music after listening?


What does music mean to Mr. Kong?


He said, "there is nothing in the world that can transcend music. We can see a painting, and we can read words, but we cannot touch music. Music is the language of the soul. After dedicating myself to music for decades, I realized that everything that seems ‘real’ in the world is vain, while the things that seem to be the vainest are the most real. The spiritual recourse of people goes along with life, but not everyone can gain the perception of the mind. As a music practitioner, I should be full of warmth in order to spread music, not only on the stage, but during every stage of life, at anytime."

FXG VR热爱艺术,重视艺术与VR的融合,致力于成为VR领域的艺术家,艺术领域的VR践行者。 这一小段演奏只是一个2D版本,我们正在策划音乐家孔祥东的3D VR作品,敬请关注。

FXG loves art and is always finding new ways to use VR to express artistic ideas. The FXG team is committed to becoming artists in VR, as well as artistic, VR practitioners. This short performance is just the 2D version; however, we are planning the creation of a 3D VR version with musician, Kong Xiangdong. Please stay tuned for updates!

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