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A Train to Childhood


Busy people are used to taking airplanes and high-speed rails. They rush from the starting station to their destination, but feel no warmth or nostalgia along the way.


Do you remember what it felt like to take a train when you were a child?


The sound of the whistle was followed by the sound of the wheels gaining momentum. As the Green Train slowly passed through the stations, you would see a red flag waving at you to catch your attention. When you looked out of the train windows, you could see the long trail of train carriages behind you, resembling a sort of tail.


When there were no trains passing by, the children would play around the rails, and occasionally stop to look into the distance, or to throw stones near the rails with their friends.


In the past, most of the train carriages were green, hence the “Green Train” name.

火车一词英文 train 的字根是来自古法语的 trahiner ,这个词是来自拉丁文的 trahere ,意思是“拉”。 火车是人类历史上最重要的机具,随着火车的普及,改变了人们骑马或以其他牲畜为主要动力的出行方式,是现代重要的交通工具之一。

The word "train" comes from the Old French word, trahiner, which derives from the Latin word, trahere, meaning "to pull" or "to draw". The train is one of the most important machines in the history of mankind. The popularity of trains revolutionized the way we experience travel, and paved the way for the invention of new transportive means that are continuously becoming more efficient.



In 1804, the British mine technician, Delhi Visk built the world's first steam engine locomotive. It could travel at a speed of 5 to 6 kilometers per hour.


On February 22, 1840, the first train in the world to run on a track was designed by engineer, Charlie Marie Wesik from Cornwall.


In 1879, Siemens Electric Company in Germany developed the first electric locomotive.


In 1924, diesel locomotives were successfully developed in Germany, the United States, France and other countries. They were widely used throughout the world.


In the 19th century, China became the third Asian country after Japan and India to build railways.


Since the 2010s, all countries have vigorously developed high-speed trains. China Railway has implemented six major speed increases since 1997.


With continual developments in technology, trains are getting faster and faster. Everything is getting faster and faster, and it seems that memories are struggling to keep up with us.


Do you remember your slow journeys on trains during your childhood? Do you ever dream of reliving the slowness of life from the past?

过去是回不去了, 照片终究不是身临其境。

We cannot revisit the past or deeply immerse ourselves by means of photographs.


Fortunately, the game "Trains VR" gives us the opportunity to relive our childhood. We can build our own tracks, on which the trains run. We can also collect treasures as we pass the levels, just as we collected stones around the rails when we were young.


Remember what you could see in the distance when you stood on the rails as a child? Now you can see it again with “Trains VR.”


It's on sale this week on the Mi VR store!

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