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Check out these previews of our coming film series, Tripping with Nikk!


We were amazed by how free the animals were in the wild kingdom of Kenya.


We experienced unique, Japanese culture on the streets of Tokyo.


We fed the doves in the square under Qatar's blue sky.


We enjoyed authentic flavors at the food courts in Thailand.


A short journey can act as a lesson in life, from which we learn how to live freely and simply. It can also filter out the arrogance in people and allow them to understand their insignificance.


Follow our film series, Tripping with Nikk to get close to new, mysterious territories that you may have never been to.

西顾视频FXG VR最新旅行栏目《履客》预告片来袭!

Check out these previews from the link below to get a taste of Tripping with Nikk!




Pls stay tuned with us on the Mi VR store!


Tripping with Nikk is COMING SOON!

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